Elite Management before Autocratic Leader Succession: Evidence from North Korea
By Edward Goldring and Peter Ward

Industrialization and Democracy          
By Sam van Noort

Social Democracy and the Birth of Working-Class Representation in Europe
By Maayan Mor and Carles Boix

Fighting the Disease or Manipulating the Data? Democracy, State Capacity, and the COVID-19 Pandemic   
By Palina Kolvani and Carl Henrik Knutsen

Concept Misformation in the Age of Democratic Anxiety: Recent Temptations and Their Downsides
By Kurt Weyland

The Importance of UN Peacekeeping Mission Orientation and Personnel for Environmental Quality
By Tobias Bohmelt

Informal, Legal or Illegal? Varieties of Artisanal Mining in the Global South
By Zaraí Toledo Orozco

Agrarian Elites, Wealth Inequality, and State Capacity: Evidence from Early 20th-Century Brazil
By Giuliana Pardelli

Electoral Systems and the Autocrat's Trade-Off: Evidence From The Russian Duma
By Anders Woller

Global Governance under Populism: The Challenge of Information Suppression
By Allison Carnegie, Richard Clark, and Noah Zucker