Closing the Gap: The Politics of Property Rights in Kenya
By Mai Hassan and Kathleen Klaus

Issue-Image Tradeoffs and the Politics of Foreign Policy: How Leaders Use Foreign Policy Positions to Shape Their Personal Images
By Jeffrey Friedman

Great Expectations: The Democratic Advantage in Trade Attitudes
By Frederick R. Chen, Jon Pevehouse, and Ryan Powers

Politics of Decentralization Level: Local and Regional Devolution as Substitutes
By Joan Ricart-Huguet and Emily Sellars

The Protestant Road to Bureaucracy
By Valentin Figueroa

Gender After Genocide: How Violence Shapes Long-Term Political Representation
By Nikhar Gaikwad, Erin Lin, and Noah Zucker

"This Rally is not Authorized": Preventive Repression and Public Opinion in Electoral Autocracies
By Katerina Tertytchnaya

Reforming Global Governance: Power, Alliance, and Institutional Performance
By Richard Clark and Allison Carnegie

Monopoly Politics: Price Competition, Learning, and the Evolution of Policy Regimes
By Erik Eisenmenger Peinert

The Rise of Grassroots Civil Society under One-Party Rule: The Case of China's Homeowner Associations
By Yu Zeng, Junyan Jiang, Jie Li, and Christian Göbel